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Vascular Plant Database Genus Results

Category: Dicots
Family Name: Asteraceae


Solidago - [maps | photos]

             • Solidago canadensis L. var. scabra Torr. & A. Gray
  • Solidago arenicola B.R. Keener & Kral (TN Special Concern)
    Common Name: Southern racemose goldenrod
  • Solidago austrina Small (TN Special Concern)
    NWI TN: Obligate Wetland
    Common Name: Virginia goldenrod
             • Solidago gracillima Torr. & A.Gray
  • Solidago caesia L.
    NWI TN: Facultative Upland
    Common Name: wreath goldenrod
  • Solidago curtisii Torr. & A. Gray
    Common Name: mountain decumbent goldenrod
             • Solidago caesia L. var. curtisii (Torr. & A. Gray) Wood
             • Solidago speciosa Nutt. var. erecta (Pursh) MacM.
  • Solidago patula Muhl. ex Willd.
    NWI TN: Obligate Wetland
    Common Name: roughleaf goldenrod
  • Solidago ptarmicoides (Torr. & A. Gray) B. Boivin (TN Endangered)
    Common Name: Upland White Aster
             • Oligoneuron album (Nutt.) Nesom
             • Aster ptarmicoides (Nees) Torr. & Gray
             • Solidago simplex Kunth var. racemosa (Greene) G.S. Ringius
             • Oligoneuron rigidum (L.) Small var. glabratum (E.L. Braun) Nesom
             • Oligoneuron rigidum (L.) Small var. rigidum
             • Solidago rugosa Mill. ssp. aspera (Aiton) Cronquist
  • Solidago spithamaea M.A. Curtis (TN Endangered)  (Fed Listed Threatened)
    Common Name: Blue Ridge goldenrod
  • Solidago tarda Mackenzie ex Small (TN Special Concern)
    Common Name: slow goldenrod

*Non-native taxon known to be naturalized in Tennessee
All names & statuses follow the Guide to the Vascular Plants of Tennessee (2015).
Click here for a description of rare, threatened, or endangered (RTE) status & National Wetland Indicator (NWI) status.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact Dr. Jessica M. Budke or Margaret Oliver.

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