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Photography Credits

11,044 images of ca. 2,975 species (ca. 97% of the state flora), and 66,689 county occurrences for browse and search in the Vascular Plant Herbarium as of July 13, 2024. The remaining 3% are introduced species known from three or fewer counties that have not become established as part of the Tennessee flora.

Photographs of the woody plants of Tennessee (with Wofford & Chester caption) are from “Guide to Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of Tennessee” by B. Eugene Wofford & Edward W. Chester. For additional information about this book contact the University of Tennessee Press (under seasonal catalogs) at:

Approximately 1,100 images of grasses, sedges, and rushes were scanned and processed by Chris A. Fleming, botany graduate student, from specimens deposited in the University of Tennessee Herbarium (TENN). 4,396 images of mostly herbaceous species were also added to image archive and photo link entries of database by Chris Fleming as of October 14, 2004. Images are dynamically linked and displayed upon users inquiry via the online Flora Database developed by Victor Ma.

Daniel Reed has generously provided 269 excellent images now available for viewing on November 1, 2002 from his website "Wildflowers of the Southeastern United Sates." This site has numerous other images and additional information about each species. We highly recommend that you visit

Dennis D. Horn is a retired engineer; his interest in vascular plants began in 1965 while hiking in the Smokies. He has been involved with the TN Native Plant Society since 1978 and is currently Vice-President. He is also a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee for rare plants in TN. He began plant photography in the early 1980's and has recently provided 332 high quality images made available for viewing on December 13, 2002.

The Division of Natural History, Tennessee Dept. of Environment and Conservation, has provided over 100 images of a significant number of Tennessee rare plants as well as many of the endemic or near endemic species from the cedar glades of middle Tennessee. These images were made available for viewing on December 13, 2002.

Thomas G. Barnes, Univ. of Kentucky, has provided over 600 excellent images made available for viewing on February 28, 2003. Many of these images will appear in a forthcoming Univ. Press of KY book, A Guide to the Wildflowers and Ferns of Kentucky. Dr. Barnes in an Extension Professor & Wildlife Specialist and an award-winning photographer and writer (Gardening for the Birds & Kentucky's Last Great Places).

The Tennessee Native Plant Society (TNPS) contributed over 300 images now available for viewing. Numerous members provided these images and are acknowledged with their photographs. These and nearly 500 additional high quality images appear in the official TNPS field guide Wildflowers of Tennessee, the Ohio Valley, and the Southern Appalachians published in May 2005. Over 1250 species in 90 plant families are described with special notes added about history, folklore, ethnobotany, and origin of plant names. For additional information visit the TNPS website at

Steve Baskauf, Vanderbilt University, provided 400 high quality images posted on the website in September 2005. These images and many others can also be viewed on his bioimages website:

Eugene Wofford, emeritus director of the TENN Herbarium, provided 701 new images of woody plants in winter condition (386 taxa from 161 families) added on July 21, 2008.

The initiative to add plant images to our existing distribution maps of the vascular plants of Tennessee began with a grant from The University of Tennessee Libraries Digital Center (DLC). To date, the DLC has provided ca. 1,500 electronic images that are now available for viewing. The majority of original images were provided by personnel of The University of Tennessee Botany Dept., Knoxville, TN and the Austin Peay State University Center for Field Biology, Clarksville, TN.

Copyright Disclaimer

Usage and reproduction of distribution maps, images, and other data are authorized without permission for personal, noncommercial, educational, or scientific purposes. We request that the University of Tennessee Herbarium and a photographer and/or copyright holder be properly acknowledged. This web site may not be used for commercial purposes or added to other web pages accessible on the world wide web without prior permission. Please contact for permission requests.

List of Photographers

Photographer Institution/Location Email
Jason Allen
Todd Amaker and Aquatic Plant Course 2015
Carol Arms
Claude Bailey Jackson State Community College, Jackson, TN
Thomas G. Barnes University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
Steve Baskauf Vanderbilt University
John Beck University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Melinda Bell
Emily Blyveis Chattanooga, Tennessee
Nick Bond Knoxville, Tennessee
Daniel Boone Cincinnati, Ohio
Barry Brown, TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
Matthew Bruton Clarksville, Tennessee
Dan Busemeyer Illinois Natural History Survey, Champaign, Illinois
Goeff Call
Bill Campbell, TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
Edward W. Chester Austin Peay State University
Ross C. Clark Eastern Kentucky University
Paul Clemens Rutgers University
Richard H. Conners, TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
Patricia Cox TVA Natural Heritage Project
Todd Crabtree, DNH Tennessee Dept. of Environment and Conservation
Benjamin Crain EEB, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Rebecca Crisp North Carolina
Daniel Titus
Adam Dattilo TVA Natural Heritage Project
Bob Davis
Paul G. Davison University of North Alabama, Florence
W. Michael Dennis Orlando, Florida
DNH Tennessee Div. of Natural Heritage, Dept. of Environment and Conservation
Jeff Donahue Hagan, Geogia
Jamey Donaldson
Richard Doub, TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
Jerry Drown, TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
David Duhl Nashville, Tennessee
Paul Durr Knoxville, Tennessee
Molly Durr Knoxville, Tennessee
Lee Echols
Carlen Emanuel Alabama Natural History Association
Kurt Emmanuele, TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
Ginger Enson Cookville, Tennessee
Dwayne Estes Austin Peay State University
A. Murray Evans Brookfield, Vermont
John R. Evans University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Richard and Bonnie Farner
Lynn Faust Knoxville, Tennessee
Jenny Fiedler TVA
Janie Cooper Finch, TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
Kevin C. Fitch Winchester, Tennessee
Chris A. Fleming University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Sunny Fleming DNH
Aaron Floden Missouri Botanical Garden
Floden and Wofford University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Keith Garner Knoxville, Tennessee
Bryce Gibson
Douglas Goldman Cambridge, MA
Barbara Goodson Cookville, Tennessee
Stephen Grayson University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Jerry Green
Jimmy Groton Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Mike Hansbrough Memphis, Tennessee
Rosy Harpe University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Alison Harris Butternut Valley Nature Center
Sunny Hart Chattanooga, Tennessee
Barry Hart Milan, Tennessee
Robert R. Haynes University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
Alan S. Heilman University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Nita Heilman, TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
Thomas Hemmerly, TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
James Henderson
Darel Hess
Don Hess
David Hilgeman Memphis, Tennessee
Ann Hill, TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
Otto Hirsch, TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
Brittany Hoback The Nature Conservancy, USDA , Jackson TN 38305
Ed Honicker, TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
Boyd Hopkins Blackberry Mountain Resort
Dennis D. Horn Tullahoma, Tennessee
Tom Howe Alcoa, Tennessee
Tom Howe and Keith Langdon
Lisa Huff Division of Natural Areas / KEFO
Becky Hughes, TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
Margie Hunter Tennessee Native Plant Society
Trent Jett
Bart Jones Tennessee Native Plant Society
Marie Kerr
Kayla McCarter and Zak Lafaver
Jayne Lampley University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Keith Langdon
John Laux
Edgar B. Lickey University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Randall Lind
Terry Livingston, TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
Tom and Bill Martin Kentucky
Lori McAlister Tennessee Naturescapes
Roger McCoy, DNH
Ken McFarland University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Marty McWhirter
Carrie S. Miller Tullahoma, Tennessee
Tahira Z. Mohyuddin The University of Tennessee
Marie Morris Coker Creek, Tennessee
Carol and Hugh Nourse, TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
Hugh Nourse, TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
New York Botanical Garden
Margaret Oliver University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Mark Pistrang U.S. Forest Service, Cleveland, Tennessee
Heidi Pollard Tullahoma, Tennessee
Larry Pounds Tennessee Native Plant Society
Verna Powell
Milo Pyne, TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
Bill Randles Nashville, Tennessee
Paul Rebmann Ormond, Florida
Daniel Reed Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
Margaret Rhinehart, TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
James and Dorothy Richardson, TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
Hal and Nancy Robinson
Mary Schaffner, TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
Ed Schell, TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
Edward E. Schilling University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Jeff Selby Decatur, Alabama
Graham Sexton Farragut, TN
Aaron J. Sharp University of Tennessee, Knoxville deceased
Joey Shaw University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
John Shelton Tennessee Valley Authority
Shelton and TENN
Gene Shiles
Marty Silver Warriors' Path State Park, Kingsport, Tennessee
Stanley Sims, TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
Kunsiri C. Siripun University of Tennessee, Knoxville
David K. Smith University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Cete Smith Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Gary Snyder
Paul Sommers, TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
Dick Sooy
Warren Stiles Tennessee Ecological Services Field Office, US FWS
TENN University of Tennessee Herbarium, Knoxville
Dustin Thames
Allan Trently
Jim Triplett Iowa State University
Courtesy of the Univ. of North Carolina Herbarium
Matt Valente University of Tennessee, Knoxvile
Rita Venable
Wofford and Chester
Kathy Wallace, TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
George Wallace
Steve Ward Nashville, Tennessee
David Webb
Miriam Weinstein, TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
Jun Wen Boone, North Carolina
Sally Wencel Chattanooga, Tennessee
Kristin Bailey Wilson
B. Eugene Wofford University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Wofford and Floden University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Andy Workinger University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
Aviva Yasgur, Land Between The Lakes Naturalist Land Between The Lakes Naturalist
Dawn York Cincinnati, Ohio
Stephanie Gunn Zumo

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