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Vascular Plant Database Genus Results

Category: Monocots
Family Name: Poaceae


Dichanthelium - [maps | photos]

  • Dichanthelium aciculare (Desv. ex Poir.) Gould & C.A. Clark
    NWI TN: Facultative Upland
    Common Name: needleleaf rosette grass
             • Panicum angustifolium Ell.
             • Panicum aciculare Desv. ex Poir.
             • Panicum acuminatum Sw.
             • Panicum lanuginosum Ell.
             • Panicum acuminatum Sw. var. columbianum (Scribn.) Lelong
             • Panicum columbianum Scribn.
             • Dichanthelium sabulorum (Lam.) Gould & C.A.Clark var. thinium (Hitchc. & Chase) Gould & C.A.Clark
             • Panicum acuminatum Sw. var. unciphyllum (Trin.) Lelong
             • Panicum meridionale Ashe
             • Dichanthelium meridionale (Ashe) Freckmann
             • Panicum acuminatum Sw. var. leucothrix (Nash) Lelong
             • Panicum leucothrix Nash
             • Dichanthelium leucothrix (Nash) Freckmann
             • Panicum lanuginosum Ell. var. lindheimeri (Nash) Fern.
             • Panicum lindheimeri Nash
             • Dichanthelium lindheimeri (Nash) Gould
             • Panicum longiligulatum Nash
             • Panicum acuminatum Sw. var. longiligulatum (Nash) Lelong
             • Dichanthelium longiligulatum (Nash) Freckmann
             • Panicum spretum J.A.Schultes
             • Panicum annulum Ashe
  • Dichanthelium boreale (Nash) Freckmann
    NWI TN: Facultative Upland +
    Common Name: northern panic grass
             • Panicum bicknellii Nash
             • Panicum boreale Nash
             • Panicum boscii Poir.
             • Panicum clandestinum L.
             • Dichanthelium commutatum (J.A. Schultes) Gould var. ashei (Pearson ex Ashe) Mohlenbrock
             • Panicum commutatum J.A. Schultes
             • Panicum joorii Vasey
             • Panicum ashei Pearson ex Ashe
             • Panicum acuminatum Sw. var. consanguineum (Kunth) J.W. Wipff & S.D. Jones
             • Panicum consanguineum Kunth
             • Panicum depauperatum Muhl.
             • Panicum dichotomum L.
             • Panicum dichotomum L. var. lucidum (Ashe) Lelong
             • Panicum lucidum Ashe
             • Panicum microcarpon Muhl. ex Ell.
             • Dichanthelium dichotomous (L.) Gould var. ramulosum (Torr.) LeBlond
             • Panicum nitidum Lam.
             • Dichanthelium dichotomum var. nitidum (Lam.) LeBlond
             • Panicum dichotomum L. var. roanokense (Ashe) Lelong
             • Panicum roanokense Ashe
             • Panicum yadkinense Ashe
             • Dichanthelium dichotomous (L.) Gould var. ensifolium (Baldw. ex Ell.) Gould & C.A. Clark
             • Panicum ensifolium Baldw. ex Ell.
             • Panicum ensifolium Baldw. ex Ell. var. curtifolium (Nash) Lelong
             • Panicum latifolium L.
             • Panicum laxiflorum Lam.
             • Panicum xalapense Kunth
             • Panicum linearifolium Scribn. ex Nash
             • Panicum malacophyllum Nash
             • Panicum oligosanthes J.A. Schultes
             • Panicum oligosanthes J.A. Schultes var. scribnerianum (Nash) Fern.
             • Dichanthelium villosissimum (Nash) Freckmann
             • Panicum ovale Ell. var. villosum (Gray) Lelong
             • Panicum villosissimum Nash
             • Dichanthelium polyanthes (J.A. Schultes) Mohlenbrock
             • Panicum polyanthes J.A. Schultes
             • Dichanthelium sphaerocarpon (Ell.) Gould var. isophyllum (Scribn.) Gould
  • Dichanthelium ravenelii (Scribn. & Merr.) Gould
    NWI TN: Facultative Upland
    Common Name: Ravenel's rosette grass
             • Panicum ravenelii Scribn. & Merr.
             • Panicum recognitum Fern.
             • Panicum scabriusculum Ell.
             • Panicum scoparium Lam.
             • Panicum sphaerocarpon Ell.
  • Dichanthelium strigosum (Muhl. ex Ell.) Freckmann
    NWI TN: Facultative
    Common Name: roughhair rosette grass
             • Panicum strigosum Muhl. ex Ell.
             • Panicum tenue Muhl.
             • Dichanthelium dichotomous (L.) Gould var. tenue (Muhl.) Gould & C.A. Clark
             • Panicum albomarginatum Nash

*Non-native taxon known to be naturalized in Tennessee
All names & statuses follow the Guide to the Vascular Plants of Tennessee (2015).
Click here for a description of rare, threatened, or endangered (RTE) status & National Wetland Indicator (NWI) status.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact Dr. Jessica M. Budke or Margaret Oliver.

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