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Vascular Plant Herbarium

Vascular Plant Database Family Results

Category: Dicots
Family Name: Ericaceae


Chimaphila - [maps | photos]

Epigaea - [maps | photos]

Eubotrys - [maps | photos]

  • Eubotrys racemosa (L.) Nutt. (TN Threatened)
    Common Name: swamp dog-hobble
             • Leucothoe racemosa (L.) A. Gray
             • Leucothoe recurva (Buckley) A. Gray

Gaultheria - [maps | photos]

Gaylussacia - [maps | photos]

  • Gaylussacia baccata (Wangenh.) K. Koch
    NWI R2 TN: Facultative Upland
    Common Name: black huckleberry
             • Buxella brachycera (Michx.) Small
  • Gaylussacia dumosa (Andrews) Torr. & A. Gray (TN Threatened)
    NWI R2 TN: Facultative
    Common Name: dwarf huckleberry
  • Gaylussacia ursina (M.A. Curtis) Torr. & A. Gray
    Common Name: bear huckleberry, mountain huckleberry

Kalmia - [maps | photos]

  • Kalmia angustifolia L. (TN Endangered -Possibly Extirpated)
    NWI R2 TN: Facultative Wetland
    Common Name: Carolina laurel, lambkill
             • Kalmia carolina Small
             • Kalmia angustifolia L. var. caroliniana (Small) Fern.
  • Kalmia buxifolia (P.J. Bergius) Gift & Kron
    NWI R2 TN: No Wetland Indicator
    Common Name: sand myrtle
             • Leiophyllum buxifolium (P.J. Bergius) Elliott
  • Kalmia latifolia L.
    NWI R2 TN: Facultative Upland
    Common Name: mountain laurel

Leucothoe - [maps | photos]

             • Leucothoe editorum Fern. & Schub.
             • Leucothoe axillaris (Lam.) D. Don var. editorum (Fern. & Schub.) Ahles

Lyonia - [maps | photos]

Menziesia - [maps | photos]

  • Menziesia pilosa (Michx.) Juss. (TN Special Concern)
    NWI R2 TN: Facultative Upland
    Common Name: minnie bush

Monotropa - [maps | photos]

Monotropsis - [maps | photos]

             • Monotropsis lehmaniae Burnham
             • Monotropsis lehmaniae Burnham

Oxydendrum - [maps | photos]

Pieris - [maps | photos]

  • Pieris floribunda (Pursh) Benth. & Hook. f. (TN Threatened)
    Common Name: mountain fetter bush

Pyrola - [maps | photos]

  • Pyrola americana Sweet (TN Endangered)
    NWI R2 TN: Facultative Upland
    Common Name: American wintergreen
             • Pyrola rotundifolia L. var. americana (Sweet) Fern.

Rhododendron - [maps | photos]

             • Rhododendron bakeri auct. non (Lemmon & McKay) Hume
             • Rhododendron carolinianum Rehd.

Vaccinium - [maps | photos]

             • Vaccinium simulatum Small
             • Vaccinium constablaei Gray
  • Vaccinium fuscatum Aiton
    NWI R2 TN: Facultative +
    Common Name: black highbush blueberry
             • Vaccinium atrococcum (Gray) Heller
             • Vaccinium vacillans Kalm ex Torr.

*Non-native taxon known to be naturalized in Tennessee
All names & statuses follow the Guide to the Vascular Plants of Tennessee (2015).
Click here for a description of rare, threatened, or endangered (RTE) status & National Wetland Indicator (NWI) status.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact Dr. Jessica M. Budke or Margaret Oliver.

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