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Vascular Plant Herbarium

Vascular Plant Database Family Results

Category: Dicots
Family Name: Verbenaceae


Glandularia - [maps | photos]

             • Verbena canadensis (L.) Britton
             • Verbena tenuisecta Briq.

Phyla - [maps | photos]

  • Phyla lanceolata (Michx.) Greene
    NWI R2 TN: Facultative Wetland +
    Common Name: lanceleaf fogfruit
             • Lippia lanceolata Michx.

Verbena - [maps | photos]

  • Verbena bracteata Lag. & Rodr.
    NWI R2 TN: Facultative Upland -
    Common Name: bigbract verbena
             • Verbena urticifolia L. var. leiocarpa Perry & Fern.

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