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Vascular Plant Herbarium

Vascular Plant Database Family Results

Category: Dicots
Family Name: Sapindaceae


Acer - [maps | photos]

  • Acer drummondii Hook. & H.J. Arn. ex Nutt.
    NWI R2 TN: Obligate Wetland
    Common Name: Drummond red maple
             • Acer rubrum L. ssp. drummondii (Hook. & Arn. ex Nutt.) E. Murray
             • Acer rubrum L. var. drummondii (Hook. & Arn. ex Nutt.) Sarg.
  • Acer negundo L.
    NWI R2 TN: Facultative Wetland
    Common Name: boxelder, box elder
             • Acer nigrum Michx. f. var. floridanum (Chapman) Fosberg
             • Acer saccharum Marsh. var. floridanum (Chapman) Small & Heller
             • Acer saccharinum L. var. floridanum Chapman
             • Acer floridanum (Chapman) Pax
             • Acer barbatum Michx.
             • Acer leucoderme Small
             • Acer saccharum Marsh. var. leucoderme (Small) Rehd.
             • Acer nigrum Michx. f. var. leucoderme (Small) Fosberg
             • Acer saccharum Marsh. var. nigrum (Michx. f.) Britton
             • Acer nigrum Michx. f.
  • Acer spicatum Lam.
    NWI R2 TN: No Wetland Indicator
    Common Name: mountain maple

Aesculus - [maps | photos]

  • Aesculus flava Aiton
    Common Name: yellow buckeye, sweet buckeye
             • Aesculus octandra Marsh.
             • Aesculus octandra Marsh.
  • Aesculus glabra Willd.
    NWI R2 TN: Facultative Upland
    Common Name: Ohio buckeye
  • Aesculus pavia L.
    NWI R2 TN: Facultative
    Common Name: red buckeye, scarlet buckeye

Cardiospermum - [maps | photos]

Koelreuteria - [maps | photos]

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